The renter mentioned in the following car rental policy refers to Elixir and rents cars according to the terms and conditions set forth below. By signing them, the landlord acknowledges and accepts to be connected with them all.

Condition Of The Car :

  • The rental automobile shall be in excellent shape and free of any flaws or damage when it arrives at the customer's location.
  • There will be a record of any evident flaws as soon as the automobile is delivered.
  • As stipulated in the rental agreement, the vehicle must be returned to the customer in the same condition in which it was picked up, as well as at the agreed-upon location and time.
  • If the automobile is utilised in violation of this agreement, the owner has the right to retrieve the vehicle at the tenant's expense at any time.

Terms and conditions of the vehicle:

When renting a vehicle, the renter promises to inspect it regularly and to tell the owner of any mechanical, pneumatic, or electrical concerns that may arise. This includes checking the pressure of oil, water, and fire in the car, among other things. It is the tenant's responsibility to notify the owner of any maintenance concerns displayed on the screen. A vehicle with a problem not reported and hired by another person is liable for any damages caused by the problem. This includes any administrative costs that may arise.

The driver must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver's licence to operate a vehicle. Only drivers with valid international driving licences, GCC driving licences, and driving licences from authorised countries, as stipulated by UAE regulation, shall be eligible to operate the vehicle.

It is highly forbidden to use the vehicle for off-road driving, mechanical sports, rallying, or towing purposes. The renter is accountable for damage to the vehicle or any administrative fees related to the vehicle.

The use of the vehicle in any way for the transportation of illicit substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.), or for the transportation of commodities or people for hire, or any other criminal activity is banned. In the event of a ticket or seizure of the vehicle, the renter is responsible for any damages to the lessor, including the car's total value as well as fines, passengers' claims, third-party claims, and lost income.

In this case, the renter is required to pay all the damage caused to the vehicle, the third party charges, the passengers of the vehicle and the total rental value for the total number of days of repair of the vehicle in the shop and all fines. The owner has the right to pay an administration fee for all expenses incurred.

  • Without the landlord's express permission, the renter/driver may sublease the vehicle during the period of the rental agreement.
  • When an accident happens, the tenant or driver is probably under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • An unlicensed driver is at the wheel of the vehicle. See Section for further information (i).
  • The renter's responsibility is to cover all costs associated with vehicle damage, including any third-party fees or penalties. The renter is also responsible for any expenses incurred by passengers in the vehicle and the entire rental cost for the time the vehicle was out of service for repairs and fines. Every expense made may be subject to a fee assessed by the property owner in addition to any other charges.

  • The renter is responsible for adhering to all traffic rules and will be punished for any violations of the Highway Code and any administrative charges incurred as a result of the offence.